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Mainevent.Info is an event website where potential attendees will go to find event specific information. We have a truly comprehensive event management system will allow users and organizers to access and manage all aspects of an event, including registration, engagement, marketing, integration, Physical planning, report and analysis etc. We have built a reputation by helping organizers to promote their upcoming international and national events. Also we have made it easier for many researchers, students, professionals and to attend various events by sending them information’s through

The team of passionately believes in helping organizers to promote national and International events by targeting a wide and heterogeneous audience. We send to subscribers free of cost to help them and attend upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions about site

FAQ for Organizers

How can I add an event to

To add an event to the listing, firstly visit the home page and then get registration. Then login by using your registration ID and password. Ordinary listing of any event is completely free. There is a paid option also available. 

What I need to provide during the Add Event?

You need to provide your Event details like date, place, type of event (category), event online URL contact details like phone number, email ID, website etc. Finally add event description. 

Is there any charge for listing an event in Mainevent .info website?

No, there is absolutely no charge for listing an event. If you are a paid organizer please open ‘submit your paper’ option and fill the form with details. Then add your event.

How much time will it take to list the event after successfully event addition process?

Maximum it will take one to two days for listing an event in website.

Can I modify the information related event at any time of listing?

No, you cannot edit your event after successfully submitted. So submit your event carefully.

How many events can be listed from my organizer account?

An organizer can add unlimited events in their user panel. 

Can any organizer collect their event papers directly in their panel?

No, only premium organizer can collect their event papers directly in their panel.

Can any organizer promote their events in featured area like side bar or home page?

Yes, any organizer promotes their events in featured area by requesting their organizing panel to the admin. Just click on promote your events which listed on your dashboard and select your events from submitted events and request to promote. 


FAQ for Subscribers

How I can subscribe

Visit site. Just go to the footer area and find the subscribe button. Just enter your email ID and click on Subscribe button. 

How will help me to find an event?

You can get your subscribe events through your mail by time to time.

Is there any price for Subscription?

No, it is absolutely free for subscription. 

What is the function of event subscriptions?

A particular event is significant to a particular system and specifying the processing to perform when the triggering event occurs.

Can I have an organizer and a subscriber account at the same time?

Yes, I have an organizer and a subscriber account at the same time



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