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International academic conferences and events in Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and in Latin America. Brazil is famous for its rainforests, stunning beaches and diverse cities. Brazil has 4 time zones and Brasilia is its capital. Around 60%of the Amazon Rainforest is in Brazil. Brazil people speak Portuguese. According to recent data/ source:  65 % of the population is Catholic, 22% and Protestant, 8% irreligious and 2% spirits in Brazil. Brazil is a country in the central eastern part of the South America. It shares border countries are Colombia, French, Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, Guiana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. Brazil dominated by both equatorial and tropical climates. In Brazil most attractive place is gorgeous coastlines and beaches. After that Amazon is famous for its Rainforest and Amazon River, Christ the Redeemer, Carnival, Soccer, impressive architecture and UNESCO World Heritage sites and colorful cities.  Freedom of expression, detention conditions, public security and police conduct, military era abuses and women and girls rights are the biggest social issues in Brazil. The ‘Carnival of Rio de Janeiro’ event is the iconic event of Brazil, in which there is plenty of color, music and parades. In this festival different schools wear traditional costumes, dances and competitions happen. Although the people of Brazil have a variety of pagan festivals and many events are religious in nature.   It faces the aggravation of some preexisting structural challenges including low levels of educational attainment, high inequality, deterioration in the poverty outlook and in human capital accumulation, sensitive fiscal position etc. International academic conferences / events related to this topic to be held on Brazil from time to time. Many international conferences offer free registration and sometimes provide hotel accommodations for the volunteers. Conferences in Brazil, all international conferences in Brazil, academic conferences in Brazil, International events in Brazil, Webinars in Brazil Workshops in Brazil, issues in Brazil seminar, major challenges in events, conferences, international conference.

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Eduverse Summit Series 2024 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Eduverse Summit 2024 is a global conference for higher education leaders and stakeholders to converge and redefine the landscape of international education. Conceived as an avant-garde conference, this is a series of multi-country congregations to raise regional and global issues…

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