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Canada: Events on Current Social issues

Canada is a country in North America, extending from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west and northward into the Arctic Ocean. It is the 2nd largest country by its total area with the world’s longest coastline. There are two official languages in Canada- French and English. In Canada conferences can be held on almost any topic, come in many sizes and run by many organizations. Their common issues are the main topic of these events or conferences. An academic conference is a gathering of scientists or academicians, where research findings are presented or events or workshops is conducted. Right to education, counterterrorism, climate change policy and impacts, violence against indigenous women, sexual orientation and gender identity etc. are some major subject for events or conferences. Events in Canada , Conferences in Canada, all international conferences in Canada, academic conferences in Canada, International events in Canada, Webinars in Canada, Workshops in Canada, issues in Malaysia seminar, major challenges in events, conferences, international conference.

Event ID: MERI0036

11th International conference on mental health and human resilience

With a great pleasure we proudly present “11th International Conference on Mental Health and Human Resilience” to be held during July 31- August 01, 2023…

Event ID: MERI0079

2nd World Congress on Cardiology & Emergency Medicine

Scienoteq is delighted to invite you to attend the ''2nd World Congress on Cardiology & Emergency Medicine" conference one of its remarkable conferences,…

  • 2023-08-19
  • Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Exhibition, fair, festival
  • Scienoteq

Event ID: MERI00125

Music Pro Summit

Music Pro Summit is where the art and business sides of the industry intersect, and showcase the next wave of music technology in the process. This conference…

Event ID: MERI00126

Indie Week

Online. Comprehensive education and conversations on artist development, sync licensing, live streaming, songwriting, production, royalties, publishing,…

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