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Upcoming International Events in Germany

Germany is a country in Central Europe, officially known as Federal Republic of Germany. Germany is a federal parliamentary republic country with a head of government- the chancellor. The country comprises 16 states which each have their own constitution and a head of the state –the president. It is part of the temperate, rainy climate zone of the mid-latitudes. Germany the most populous nation in the European Union supports international efforts to promote human and economic development and reduce poverty. One challenge Germany faces is improving wage growth for workers. After this inadequate infrastructure, high population density, lack of affordable housing, slum creation, crime, flooding, congestion and poverty are some important issues faces by urban Germany. In Germany weather meetings, incentives, conferences or corporate events are organizing time to time.

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Event ID: MERI00102

European Hydrogen Summit 2023

European Hydrogen Summit 2023 Event Background Hydrogen is alternative energy to energy-intensive sectors which use gas, coal, and oil to operate, and…

  • 2023-06-15
  • Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany
  • Engineering and Technology
  • ECV International

Event ID: MERI00127

6th Annual Summit on Surgery and Transplantation

We take great pleasure in welcoming Professors, Students & Experts who belong to the Surgery field for the Physical Conference on 6th Annual Summit on…

Event ID: MERI0024

27th Biotechnology Congress: Research & Innovations

Conferenceseries LLC LTD invites the contributors across the globe to participate in the premier “27th Biotechnology Congress” (Biotechnology Congress-2023),…

Event ID: MERI003

International Conference on Wireless Networks and Mobile Communication (EUIWNMC)

EUIWNMC aims at examining the various challenges in the areas of wireless networks & mobile communications. The conference will provide a forum for exchanging…

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