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International academic events and Conferences in Greece

Greece is a country in the eastern Mediterranean and located in Southern Europe. It shares borders with four different countries which are: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Turkey.  Also bordering the Aegean Sea is to the east, the Lonian Sea in western shores and the Mediterranean Sea is to the south. Greece is made up of many mountains, small islands and isolated valleys. It is famous for its culture, sophisticated sculpture and architecture, philosophy and philosophers, Olympic games, monumental temples etc. Greece has a Mediterranean climate- the central and northern regions in summer are hot and dry, southern lowland and island regions in winters are cold with strong snowfalls in the mountainous areas in the central. Theatre and Literature was an important aspect of Greek culture. Events in Greece, conferences in Greece, all international conferences in Greece, academic conferences in Greece, international events and conferences in Greece, Webinar, workshop, seminar and conferences in Greece, major challenges in the country- conferences, international conferences.

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