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International events and conferences in Nigeria

Nigeria, an African country sharing its border with Niger, Benin, Chad and Cameroon and to the south, it borders the Gulf of Guinea, part of the Atlantic Ocean. It has many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves. Nigeria is famous for its land, huge population, diversity of people and their languages and its oil and other natural resources. Over 500 indigenous languages are spoken in Nigeria and it is the largest producer of Oil and Gas in Africa. For that Nigeria is called “Giant of Africa”. Nigeria is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate in the south, a tropical savannah climate for most of the central regions, and a mixture of hot and semi arid climate in the north of the country. Nigeria is the home of various natural resources such as iron ore, coal, natural gas, limestone, lead, limestone, lead zinc and arable land. Events in Nigeria, conferences in Nigeria, all international conferences in Nigeria, academic conferences in Nigeria, international events and conferences in Nigeria, Webinar, workshop, seminar and conferences in Nigeria, major challenges in events, conferences, international conferences.

List of Upcoming International Conferences in Nigeria

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