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International academic conferences and events in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, bordered by Mozambique to the east, Botswana to the south-west, South Africa to the South and Zambia to the North. This country is situated between the Zambezi and Limpopo Rivers and officially known as the Republic of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is famous for its beautiful landscape, Zambesi and Limpopo Rivers. Much of its area is covered by parks, reserves and safari areas. There Is a great emphasis on communal gathering within tribes, where people share stories, songs, music and dance. Economically rural areas are four to five times poorer than urban areas. Political uncertainty remains high where as people are high dependence on low productivity agriculture, slow structural transformation and intermittent shocks like drought, natural disasters. Independence Day, Defense Forces Day, Christmas, Africa Day, Holy Week, Heroes Day, Day of National Unity are some important festivities in Zimbabwe. International events in Zimbabwe, Webinars in Zimbabwe, Workshops in Zimbabwe, Events in Zimbabwe, Conferences in Zimbabwe, all international conferences in Zimbabwe , academic conferences in Zimbabwe, issues in Zimbabwe, seminar, major challenges, events, conferences, international conference in Zimbabwe.

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