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International Academic Conferences on Agriculture and Farming

An academic conference is a platform where you get a chance to share your research findings and engage in insightful discussions with others on the latest happenings of a particular subject in your field of study. It is a great way to gain knowledge and developed ourselves, which allows researchers, students, professors and scholars to come together from different areas to learn from each other. In this field researchers can come together, present their research work, comment on each other’s findings, network with one another and engage in career development in their profession. It allows students, researchers, professions and industry professionals to socialize with one another and discuss their new findings, theories and developments in their field. 


Agriculture is the science in which technology used for cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock. The word agriculture is derived from two Latin words agri means soil and culture means cultivation, so agriculture meaning cultivation of soil. It is the main traditional occupation of our country and defined as an art, science and business of producing crops and livestock for economic purposes. Food needs for livelihood and food produced by agriculture. It produced pulses, food grains, sugarcane, cotton, jute, oilseeds etc. Agriculture is the primary activity of the nation and provides employment opportunity to the rural agriculture as well as non agricultural laborers. In India cropping season is classified into two main parts – Kharif and Rabi, which are mostly depends on monsoon. 


Farming is a system which complex inter related with the matrix of soil, animals, plants, power, labour, power, capital and other inputs. Farming is implementing agricultural activities.There are different types of farming like commercial farming such as commercial grain farming and commercial mixed farming, plantation farming, dairy farming, primitive subsistence farming and intensive subsistence farming.  When the harvest comes around, you’re going to need some agricultural equipment to do the job properly. Land, agricultural equipment, prior sills and financial banking are need for a farm. 


Now days, people’s interest is decreasing for cultivating or agriculture.  An international conference helps to discuss about cutting edge research in the field. It also promotes communication among researchers or practitioners from other scientific fields which enhancing to grow agricultural approaches.