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International UK Conferences on Parenting

An International Conference offers a more personal and meaningful interaction to expand and improve ourselves. It is a great way to gain knowledge and developed ourselves, which allows researchers, students, professionals, and scholars to come together from different areas to learn from each other. It helps to make research on a particular subject with current findings. It is also a platform where you get a chance to share your research findings and engage in insightful discussions with others on the latest happenings of a particular subject in your field of study. During academic conference presentation effective introductions are required. 


One who begets or one who gives birth to or nurtures to raises a child, i.e. father or mother are called parent. Parent means does not necessarily, a biologically passes your genetics to a child. But they are the parent who brings up and cares to grow and develop of a child. That’s why parent can take on different forms, such as stepparent, legal guardian, older sibling, grandparent, biological parent or a combination. The term parenting is the process of promoting and supporting to the physical, emotional, intellectual and social development of a child from infancy to adulthood. The word parent is the combination of patience, attentive, responsible, encouraging and nurturing to a child. 

A recent study shows that parent are those who actively interact with children to help them for develop their stronger mental health, good behavior, life skills, cognitive skills and eventually thrive to be successful. The purpose of parenting ensuring children’s health and safety, preparing them as productive adults and transmitting them social, cultural, emotional and environmental values. According to different approaches of parents to raise their children, there are some parenting categories such as: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and uninvolved. Authoritarian parenting is a strict style of parenting in which parent are high expectations on children where as authoritative parents are responsive, supportive and nurturing for their child. Permissive parenting is characterized by low demands with high responsiveness. On other side uninvolved parenting is characterized by a lack of responsiveness to a child’s needs. 


International conference on parenting will provide a platform for discussion on various aspects of physical, social, emotional and legal policies that impact parents in their home, society and workplace.