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Conferences and Events in Georgia

Events in Georgia 2024 are the best places for the latest research events and discussions with peers and industry experts. Here, you can attend many verified International events and conferences on different topics like Business, Engineering and technology, health and Science, Medical and medicine, mathematics, Business, Management etc. A number of cutting-edge research area that are being followed by reputable universities in Georgia are also the subject of the next events in 2024. Additionally, Medical conferences in Georgia, IEEE conferences in Georgia and the Scopus-indexed conferences in Georgia 2024 are listed on this page.

Georgia, officially the Republic of Georgia is located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. It is situated on the eastern shore of the Black Sea and bordered by Russia and the Caucasus Mountains to the north. It shares its border with Azerbaijan to the east, Turkey and Armenia to the South. There are 12 different climate zones, the eastern part experiences a dry moderate continental climate where as the western part enjoys subtropical climate. Georgia was home to the first Europeans and the birthplace of wine. Consumer protection, human Trafficking, open government, Opioid and elder abuse are some national issues in Georgia. In Georgia’s cultural calendar, ‘Tbilisoba’ is the biggest event, happens for two days and takes over the entire city with pop-up handicraft bazaars, vintage car displays, food markets, folk dance and more.  Conferences in Georgia, Events in Georgia, all international conferences in Georgia, academic conferences in Georgia, international events and conferences in Georgia, Webinar, workshop, seminar and conferences in Georgia, major challenges in the country- conferences, international conferences.

List of Upcoming International Events in Georgia

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