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The 2nd European Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024

Know More About Event : The 2nd European Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024 Date: October 22-23,2024 Place: Frankfurt, Germany Organizer: ECV International Tickets: Offline (On-site) &Online (Live Broadcast) Official website: The modern world cannot deny the enormous contribution of plastics to social and economic sustainability, which has led to countless employment opportunities and trade transactions. Its lightweight, durable and mouldable properties have also helped many end-users (such as packaging, automotive, electronics, construction, etc.) to offer potential in terms of saving energy consumption, extending service life, and irregular and creative design. However, the increasing production and consumption of plastics as well as the improper disposal of plastic wast have aroused concern about the sustainable development of plastic industry. According to the official data, in Europe, “almost 26 million tonnes of plastic waste generated every year, around 80% of marine litter is plastic, 87% of Europeans are worried about the impact of plastic products on the environment”. As concerns over environmental impact, plastic pollution, and resource depletion intensify, the need for collective action and innovative solutions has never been more critical. Actions must be taken by the industry stakeholders to jointly improve the adverse impact of plastics on the environment and health. The 2nd European Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024 (ESPS 2024) will gather key stakeholders, industry leaders, policymakers, and experts from across the plastics value chain, aiming to be a catalyst for positive change by fostering collaboration, innovation, and actionable insights to address the challenges and opportunities in reshaping the future of plastics. The conference will feature an esteemed panel of 18+ speakers representing the pinnacle of knowledge and experience in the field of sustainable plastics. Focus on the latest developments and trends in the global plastics industry and discuss a series of cutting-edge topics, including but not limited to: 1.Market Analysis and Insights on Sustainable Plastics 2.EU Policies and Measures to Restrict Microplastics 3.Innovative Plastics Recycling Systems 4.Moving Further Towards Carbon Neutrality: The Closed-Loop Cycle of Automotive Plastic Components 5.The Recycling and Reusing of Plastic Materials in Computer Manufacturing Industry 6.High-Quality Recycled Plastics Lead the Sustainable Wave 7.Strategy and Practice: Reduce the Environmental Footprint by Using Recycled Plastic Fibers 8.Incorporating Recycled Plastics into Construction to Drive the Green Building Revolution 9.Panel Discussion: The Prospect of Circular and Zero-pollution Plastics 10.Sustainability in the Plastic Manufacturing Process 11....... To get more information, please contact [email protected] By organizing multiple sustainable plastics summits, such as the Asia Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024, European Sustainable Plastics Summit 2023, China Sustainable Plastics Summit 2023 , ECV International has established extensive influence and recognition in the field of sustainable plastics. The 2nd European Sustainable Plastics Summit 2024 will be a grand event that brings together industry elites, discusses cutting-edge issues, and promotes cooperation and win-win results. We look forward to witnessing the sustainable development of the plastics industry with you! For more information, please visit: For inquiries and registration, please contact: [email protected]

  • 2024-10-22 TO 2024-10-23
  • Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany

ECV International


Engineering and Technology


Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany


2024-10-22 - 2024-10-23

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